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B-Roll of Present North Carolina Political Leaders

Statewide Leaders

Governor Roy Cooper (D)

Liutenant Governor Dan Forest (R)

Attorney General Josh Stein (D)

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall (D)
State Treasurer Dale Folwell (R)

NC Senate Leaders

President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R)
Majority Leader Harry Brown (R)
Majority Whip Jerry Tillman (R)
Majority Whip Rick Gunn (R)
Joint Majority Caucus Leader Norman W. Sanderson (R)
Minority Leader Dan Blue (D)
Minority Whip Jay Chaudhuri (D)
Minority Caucus Secretary Ben Clark (D)

NC General Assembly Leaders

Speaker Tim Moore (R)
Speaker Pro Tempore Sarah Stevens (R)

Majority Leader John R. Bell, IV (R)

Deputy Majority Leader Brenden H. Jones (R)
Minority Leader Darren Jackson (D)
Deputy Minority Leader Robert T. Reives, II (D)
Majority Whip Jon Hardister (R)

Past North Carolina Leaders

Former U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole (R-NC)
Former Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt (D)
Former U.S. Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC)
Former North Carolina Governor Jim Martin (R)
Former North Carolina Bev Perdue (D)
Former North Carolina Governor and U.S. Senator Terry Sanford (D)


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